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Selecting health insurance is an important decision for you and your family to make, but it is also a complex one. As an independent insurance agent I work for you. I’m here to research the plan to best suit your needs and your wallet. Call me at (888) 716-2153 today for a no obligation, no cost and no pressure consultation. If not now, check out my helpful website.

If you are aging in to Medicare, we will put special attention to your needs by doing a Needs Analysis. There are two primary ways to go, stay with the Original Medicare and get a Medigap plan or go with a Medicare Advantage plan. As you may have noticed with TV ads there are many benefits with these type of plans, including some that will pay back a percentage of your Part B premium. In addition to those two, there are other plans like Dual Eligible plans. We can discuss the best plan to meet your needs when we talk.

I want to be your broker for life. Whether it is Health, Life or Dental, make the first step and call or message me today. My motto for my free consultation is “No Pressure, No Hassle and No Cost.” Take a minute and explore my webpage and you will find helpful trending information.

Raymond Osborne
Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent

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