Veterans Turning 65 Have A Smart Decision To Make.

Veteran Benefits with Healthcare

The question is whether to go full in with Medicare with Part B while still having veteran benefits at the VA clinic or not taking the Part B of Medicare with a monthly premium.

This is the decision I personally was faced with when I turned 65.  The following is what I found after I did the research of whether or not to take Medicare Part B and the monthly premium that comes with it.

It should be noted, most but not all get Part A for no premium, also not electing for taking Part B within your initial enrollment period will cause you to have a financial penalty if you do decide later to enroll with it.

More coverage is better

Having had excellent healthcare with the VA Clinic for over 30 years, the merit of increasing my coverage as I aged into 65 years made sense. Considering we as veterans have been paying Medicare all of our working careers (you know those small deductions on every paycheck) we have an investment in Medicare so are entitled to a benefit from it. Not wanting to be totally dependent on my local VA clinic, I decided to look into Medicare. I visited the SHINE department at the VA clinic which cleared up questions I had. After shopping around, I took out a Medicare Advantage plan to work with my VA health benefits. Now I was able to use a fitness club and visit a local primary care physician. I kept going to the VA and kept the excellent medication plan they provide, but I had a failsafe as I could walk into an urgent care clinic with a low copay. The plan premium was zero dollars (Free), so all I had to do was to keep paying the Medicare Part B premium.

Veterans for healh benefits
Medicare for Veterans

So fast forward, last enrollment period I did a Medicare Review on my needs and changed plans with another carrier’s  Medicare Advantage plan.  The new plan gives me many more benefits including but not limited to a dental plan, preventive care incentives, and best of all it pays back a large portion of the Medicare Part B Premium of  $148.50. As well as the previous benefits of a local primary care doctor less than a mile away and an alternative option for delicate procedures with specialists like a colonoscopy.

So this was my choice, it may not be for everybody as we have unique circumstances. But I recommend you review your options.  As a licensed health insurance agent, I will assist you with a Medicare Review to determine a smart choice i this matter. Hit the button below to get the process started.  Remember I work as an independent agent, that works for his clients like You, Not for the health insurance carriers.

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